Oklahomas's Oldest Computer recycler
                         Recycle your old computers and electronics         


WHEN: Monday - Friday                                                              HOURS 9AM to 4PM
WHERE: 1535 West Reno Ave, OKC 73106                               CALL 405-232-0211 for more info
****Cash, Credit Card and Approved PO Accepted****       ****NO PERSONAL CHECKS****

We will also have our Hard Drive/Data Destroyer on site to destroy your personal information
($8.00 per Hard Drive) 
Pick-up Services - NO job to large

Acceptable Items (FREE)                                          Acceptable Items (Recycling Fee Required)

Ups & Ups batteries                                                                        17" and under Monitors $8.00 each
Cell Phones                                                                                    19" and over Monitors   $10.00 each
Wire                                                                                                TV's    $0.90 per pound(lb) (Weighed / )
Network                                                                                           Printers  $3.00 and up (based on size)
Servers                                                                                           Fax Machines
Modems                                                                                          Copiers on Wheels ($35.00 and up)
Power Supplies
Hard Drives
Floppy Drives                            
Computer Boards                                                                         Items Not Accepted At This Time
Laptops                                                                                        Ballasts
Computer Batteries                                                                      Florescent Light Bulbs                                                                        
Lithium Batteries                                                                          Light bulbs of any kind    
Memory                                                                                        Radiators
CPU's                                                                                          Car Batteries   
Computers (Towers)                                                                    Air Conditioners
Transformers                                                                               Air Compressors
Electric Motors                                                                            Refrigerators    
Transformer Power Supplies                                                       Traffic Signs or any DOT property                                              
Electronics                                                                                  Catalytic Converters
Telecom Equipment
Home Phones
Cell phone Batteries
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